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The Blood Alarm System

Delays in blood transfusion are responsible for;



About ¼ of deaths due to PPH, a leading cause of maternal mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mortality rate of up to 52% in severely anemic children not transfused within 8hrs of admission


Significant mortality and morbidity for a substantial proportion of trauma victims.

Are some of these delays avoidable? According to our primary and secondary research, YES i.e.,



Health facilities use less reliable methods to monitor blood inventory coupled with untimely placement of blood orders.

Inappropriate blood transfusions to 55.5% of anemic children who receive 50% of blood collected in Uganda.

How is the Blood Alarm System avoiding these delays?



Providing real time data about hospital blood inventories and automatically sending notifications about impending blood stockouts to concerned stakeholders enabling them to easily and timely place blood orders.

Guiding clinical decision-making in the context of blood transfusions and promptly disseminating information regarding impediments to appropriate blood use to relevant stakeholders.

Why the Blood Alarm System?

It’s cheap as it uses already existing infrastructure

Critical tasks can be accomplished offline

Ensures a high degree of traceability and accountability of blood products hence hemovigilance

Designed with the patient blood management concept in mind

It minimizes last minute rush

It simplifies creation of hospital transfusion committees

Developed in close consultation with the intended users

Meet our simple IoT device that transforms an ordinary blood refrigerator into a smart one

Schematic Overview

Let's end delays in blood transfusions due to the frequent but avoidable blood stockouts in health facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa.